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JPS Schools Outline Needs for 2023 Beautification Day

July 21, 2023


We express our sincere appreciation to our community and JPS team member volunteers for your participation in our 3rd annual Beautification Day!

As we prepare to launch the 2023-24 school year, we are asking for support in three main areas:

  • Help teachers set up classrooms
  • Enhance school entrances
  • Clean up school grounds

Each JPS principal has outlined specific projects that they would like to complete at their respective sites. Please review the information below that outlines these specific projects as well as the contact person at each school.

Interested volunteers are asked to register at Volunteer Sign-up: JPS Beautification Day, 2023.


Callaway High, 601 Beasley Road

Primary contact person: Shemeka S. McClung, or 601-987-3535

Requested projects:

  • Paint the interior of the building (2nd floor)


Lester Elementary, 2350 Oakhurst Drive

Primary contact person: Sherekia Dixon, or 601-371-4339

Requested projects:

  • Flower gardens in the front of the school
  • A newly updated school sign
  • Assist in classrooms and in the hallways


Northwest Jackson IB and Bailey APAC, 7020 Highway 49 N.

Primary contact person: Kim Bracey, or 601-987-3609

Requested projects:

  • Spruce up courtyard area- gardening project


Obama Magnet Elementary, 750 N. Congress St.

Primary contact person: Jamiette Carter, or 601- 960-5333

Requested projects:

  • Decluttering projects
  • Classroom organization
  • Disposing of useless spaces
  • Moving and transitioning classrooms
  • Decorating staff restroom and copy room


Chastain Middle, 4650 Manhattan Rd.

Primary contact person: Cheryl Jones, or 601-987-3550

Requested projects:

  • Wrapping lockers
  • Cleaning for storage space
  • Planting flowers


McWillie Elementary, 4851 McWillie Circle

Primary contact person: Sara Harper, or 601-987-3709

Requested projects:

  • Clean trash off campus
  • Set up classrooms
  • Clean floors in the building
  • Clean windows


Clausell Elementary, 3330 Harley St.

Primary contact person: Carla Thomas, or 601-960-5319

Requested projects:

  • Planting flowers in the 5 flowerpots at the school's entrance
  • Paint the sidewalks (multiplication facts, sight words, affirmations, etc.)
  • Support teachers in classroom preparation


Lake Elementary, 472 Mount Vernon Ave

Primary contact person: Amanda Terrell, or 601-960-5308

Requested projects:

  • Removal of bushes by the fence near the turnaround
  • Trees manicured
  • Blacktop resurfaced
  • Classrooms painted


Isable Elementary (housed at Marshall Elementary)- 2909 Oak Forest Dr.

Primary contact person: Catrina Crawford, or 601-371-4342

Requested projects:

  • 3rd- 5th-grade teachers will need assistance with unpacking boxes and setting up classrooms


Whitten Middle School, 210 Daniel Lake Blvd

Primary contact person: Paula Epps; or 601-371-4309

Requested projects:

  • Finish painting outside poles at front entrance
  • Paint poles on back breezeway
  • Cut down and remove low hanging limbs on front and courtyard trees
  • Stain courtyard wooden benches


Cardozo Middle School, 3180 W McDowell Rd Ext

Primary contact person: Brandi Ledbetter or 601-346-5635

Requested projects:

  • Landscaping - tree on the east side of the building needs to be cut down
  • Downed trees in the front of the building facing W. McDowell Rd need to be removed
  • Refreshed landscaping around the front side of the building needed
  • Painting - crosswalk in the front of the building needs to be repainted
  • A hole in the front (surrounded by caution tape) of the building needs to be fill/packed with dirt


Kirksey Middle School, 5677 Highland Drive

Primary contact person: Ruthie M. Johnson, or 601-987-8360

Requested projects:

  • Touch-up paint on hallways, cafeteria, and in classrooms


John Hopkins Elementary, 170 John Hopkins Road

Primary contact person: Yolanda Lloyd, or 601-923-2540

Requested projects:

  • Trimming of crepe myrtle,
  • Plastic barrier added under the flowers in the flower beds
  • Pine straw added to the flower beds
  • Flowers planted near the John Hopkins sign in front of school
  • Large posters painted inside the building (like murals)
  • Assistance to organize classrooms


Van Winkle Early Childhood Center, 1655 Whiting Road

Primary contact person: Ashanti Barnes or 601-923-2547

Requested projects:

  • Replenish soil, mulch, and flowers in garden areas in front of school
  • Add potted plants in the office, foyer, and atrium areas
  • Purchase US and MS flags for outdoor flag pole
  • Landscape edging (powder-coated steel, brown)
  • Replenish flowers, soil, and mulch in garden areas
  • Purchase pots and plants for office, foyer, and atrium areas


Galloway Elementary School, 186 Idlewild Street

Primary contact person: Jarett Benson or 601-960-5313

Requested projects:

  • Landscaping
  • Classroom set-up assistance
  • Schoolwide preparation assistance with opening


North Jackson Elementary, 650 James M. Davis Dr.

Primary contact person: Jocelyn Smith, or 601-987-3528

Requested projects:

  • Lawn care-plant flowers
  • Trim trees
  • Manicure lawn
  • Paint exterior doors
  • Wash walls
  • Paint parking lot lines


Dawson Elementary School, 4215 Sunset Drive

Primary contact person: Cynthia Lawson, or 601-987-3513

Requested projects:

  • Paint doors
  • Wash cafeteria blinds
  • Organize clothes closet
  • Scrape glue off walls


Wells APAC Elementary School, 1120 Riverside Drive

Primary contact person: Kescher Rankin, or 601.960.5387

Requested projects:

  • Landscaping includes planting flowers in the front of the building and in the courtyard
  • Bulletin board displays
  • Painting
  • Donation of office furniture


Shirley Elementary, 330 Judy St.

Primary contact person: Dr. Cynthia Veals, or 601.371.4336

Requested projects:

  • Cleaning
  • Flower potting 


Johnson Elementary, 1339 Oak Park Drive

Primary contact person: Anna Alderman or 601-987-3503

Requested projects:

  • Interior building displays
  • Refresh paint on sign in front (white, orange, and navy blue paint needed)
  • Create signs for bathroom stalls with inspiring messages for scholars


G. N. Smith Elementary, 3900 Parkway Avenue

Primary contact person: Regina Carpenter, or 601-987-3525

Requested projects:

  • Painting
  • Flower beds cleaning and rebuilding
  • Rebuilding gazebo


Sykes Elementary, 3555 Simpson Street

Primary contact person: Kimberly Hulitt-Griggs, or 601-371-4303

Requested projects:

  • Repotting plants at the school's entrance and adding shrubbery in front to make the entrance more attractive
  • Create signage of affirmations to be displayed at the entrance of the building for scholars to see daily when entering the building


Spann Elementary, 1615 Brecon Dr.

Primary contact person: Mrs. Barnes, or 601-987-3532

Requested projects:

  • Mulch the front flower beds
  • Plant some fall vegetables in the planters by the kindergarten area
  • Assist teachers in classrooms
  • Hang tablecloth curtains in the cafeteria, library, and front office
  • Hallway bulletin board decor


Raines Elementary, 156 N. Flag Chapel Rd.

Primary contact person: Ursula Harris or 601-923-2544

Requested projects:

  • Painting
  • Putting up bulletin boards
  • Planting flowers


McLeod Elementary, 1616 Sandalwood Drive

Primary contact person: Kenyetta Reed or 601.987.3597

Requested projects:

  • Clean the front flowerbed
  • Add flowerpots to the front entrance
  • Decorate classroom doors and bulletin boards
  • Remove old decor and update decor in the multipurpose room
  • Clean the signage on the front lawn
  • Clean the blacktop concrete area in the front of the building
  • Paint a hopscotch and four-square play area on the blacktop concrete area
  • Remove debris and clean the staff parking lot
  • Paint parking lines for spaces in the parking lot
  • Update principal, assistant principal, handicap, and office staff signage in the parking lot
  • Add staff of the month parking space in the staff parking lot
  • Paint the mailbox and add flowers around the post


Key Elementary, 699 West McDowell Road

Primary contact person: Elana Tate; or 601-371-4333

Requested projects:

  • Plant flowers, yard cleanup, and beautification
  • Painting
  • Classroom and office decorating and cleanup
  • Set up parenting and student uniform and hygiene closet


Oak Forest Elementary, 1831 Smallwood Street

Primary contact person: Catrina Washington, or 601-371- 4330

Requested projects:

  • Flower beds
  • Assist in classrooms


Green Elementary, 610 Forest Avenue

Primary contact person: Mr. Raheem Vaughn or 601-987-3519

Requested projects:

  • Trim hedges, rake leaves, and pine straw
  • Add mulch around the plant area
  • Update school garden


Wilkins Elementary, 1970 Castlehill Drive

Primary contact person: Cheryl W. Brown, or 601-371-4306

Requested projects:

  • All shrubs around the front of the school trimmed down to a safe level
  • Flowers donated and planted in our large planters at the entrance of the school
  • Auditorium and cafeteria painted
  • Outdoor wooden platform, benches with covered awning built for outdoor classroom


Boyd Elementary, 4531 Broadmeadow Street

Primary contact person: Joseph Collins, or 601-987-3504

Requested projects:

  • Overall campus clean up


Timberlawn Elementary, 1980 North Siwell Road

Primary contact person: Dr. Lynn Horton or 601.923.2556

Requested projects:

  • Decorate bulletin boards
  • Paint paw prints


Marshall Elementary, 2909 Oak Forest Dr.

Primary contact person: Nichole Hill, or 601-371-4342

Requested projects:

  • Plants
  • Walls scrubbed
  • Decorate


Walton Elementary, 3200 Bailey Ave.

Primary contact person: LaRoy Merrick; or 601-987-3591

Requested projects:

  • Outside landscaping
  • Light painting on doors
  • Classroom setups


Capital City Alternative School, 2221 Boling Street

Primary contact person: Tanya M. Mason, or 601-713-2376

Requested projects:

  • Removal of two large trees (Priority),
  • Painting/creating outdoor learning space


Murrah High, 1400 Murrah Drive

Primary contact person: Rekesha Gholar or 601-960-5380

Requested projects:

  • Campus Courtyard


JPS-Tougaloo Early College, 500 W. County Line Road (Tougaloo College Campus)

Primary contact person: Felisha Burton; or 601-977-6160

Requested projects:

  • Classroom set up and bulletin board refresh


Career Development Center, 2703 First Avenue

Primary contact person: Kenneth Devine or 601-960-5322

Requested projects:

  • Planting of flowers and shrubs in courtyard and Early Childhood Education entrance
  • Deep cleaning of labs in trade buildings


Forest Hill High, 2607 Raymond Road

Primary contact person: Dr. Richard Chano; or 601-371-4313

Requested projects:

  • Lines painted in the scholar parking lot
  • Hallways painted on the second floor
  • Classroom space organized by the attendance office


Provine High, 2400 Robinson Street

Primary contact person: Dr. Jerrial Dawson, or 601-960-5393

Requested projects:

  • Stage cleaning
  • Landscaping front lawn


Wingfield High, 1985 Scanlon Drive

Primary contact person: Roderick Smith, or 601-371-4350

Requested projects:

  • Landscaping with rocks and greenery around the buildings and courtyard is needed
  • Painting in and outside of the portables
  • Cleaning the window areas and replacing molded ceiling tiles
  • Organizing the book room
  • Cleaning the rooms behind the stage and near the band hall


Lanier High, 833 Maple Street

Primary contact person: Dr. Bradley Blake, or 601.960.5369

Requested projects:

  • Painting


Peeples Middle, 2940 Belvedere Dr.

Primary contact person: Naomi H Welch,, 601-346-5660

Requested projects:

  • Mulch and new greenery at the entrance
  • Doors washed


Powell Middle, 2940 Belvedere Dr.

Primary contact person: Ranald Johnson, 601-987-3580

Requested projects:

  • Putting down mulch in flower beds
  • Touch-up paint on classroom doors and lockers


Blackburn Middle, 1311 West Pearl Street

Primary contact person: Eric Jackson,, 601-960-5329

Requested projects:

  • Classroom painting


Casey Elementary, 2101 Lake Circle

Primary contact person: Vanessa Dean, or 601-987-3510

Requested projects:

  • Back stage clean-up
  • Trees trimmed in the courtyard
  • Vines removed from the side of the building
  • Assistance in teachers' classrooms
  • Flowers for the entrance
  • Plants planted in flower bed


Bates Elementary, 3180 W. McDowell Rd. Ext.

Primary contact person: Rachel Coleman, or 601-346-1412

Requested projects:

  • Outdoor cleaning and assisting teachers in the classrooms


JPS sincerely appreciates your continued support of our scholars and team members!