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Welcome Back RAM Family

Greetings to all stakeholders of Provine High School! Welcome to the 2017-2018 academic school year! I hope your summer was restful and rejuvenating as we embark upon a GREAT new school year. One major goal this year is to promote healthy development in all aspects of each student's life; thereby, developing a student body of good character and students who make good choices and decisions resulting in successful and healthy outcomes. With an expectation of academic excellence and “students first,” we must also be reminded and reflective of our commitment to provide our students with a quality, well-rounded, and competitive high school learning experience. We must challenge them intellectually, grow them socially, and guide them toward independent thinking and problem-solving. Encouraging students to demonstrate their best every moment of every day and to make positive contributions in our community is a belief that we all share as effective educators. We strive to instill a sense of personal pride, as well as “Ram Pride” – a love of and for our school – within our student body. I am excited to work alongside each of you to implement our school-wide goals for the 2017-2018 academic year. The students are, as always, fired up and ready for a GREAT year! The contents of this letter will help you set the course for a year of teaching and learning, success, and fun. Welcome back, Rams!