About Shirley

  • Shirley Elementary is one of 33 elementary schools in the Jackson Public School District. It serves students in grades pre-K-5.

    Vision Statement

    Shirley Elementary provides a safe and orderly school that promotes a positive and respectful environment in which students and parents are motivated to be involved in learning.

    We are a community of strong, caring, and dedicated teachers and students that meet the state and district standards by using a variety of resources and strategies to ensure that all students based on their individual ability become life long learners.

    School Profile

    Motto: "On the Road to Success"
    School Colors:  Blue and Gold

    Student Uniforms:

    Students may wear these colors as part of the school uniform. Khaki and navy pants, skirts and dresses may also be worn with shirts in the school colors. Students may also wear the school t-shirt. Jeans are only to be worn on special occasions. A note will be sent home in advance for these special days.