Welcome to the Hornets' Nest

peeples athletics department
  • Peeples Middle School is built with number athletic programs for everyone to enjoy. 

    The Hornets' Nest is committed to fostering the physical and mental development of all student-athletes through encouraging experiences in self-discipline and contributions to team efforts. The Department is dedicated to promoting academic, athletic, and leadership skills within an environment based on integrity and sportsmanship made possible through competitive, interscholastic, and individual sporting activities.

    The Department strives to provide equal opportunities for all students and coaches regardless of ethnicity or gender while assisting in the preparation of student-athletes to become productive members of society.

    The continuing goal of the Division is to monitor the conduct of the athletic program and its conformity to general education guidelines, as established by the board and administration, while fostering positive relationships with other schools, and compliance with health and safety regulations. 


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