Welcome to the JPS Repurposing Initiative!

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our district's comprehensive plan to promote the reuse and redevelopment of our surplus school sites. Our primary goal is to revitalize these properties, transforming them into valuable assets that contribute to the growth and prosperity of Jackson's neighborhoods. 

    Through this initiative, we aim to breathe new life into these shuttered schools by repositioning them for various purposes that align with the needs and aspirations of our community. Whether it be repurposing a school as a community center, a healthcare facility, affordable housing, or a creative hub, our vision is to leverage these sites to meet the diverse needs of residents. 

    To facilitate the process and provide transparency, we have created this website as a centralized information hub for each school site. Here, you will find detailed information, including floor plans and pictures, allowing you to explore the unique potential of each location. By offering a comprehensive overview of these properties, we can encourage creativity and collaboration among potential developers, community organizations, and residents interested in the repurposing efforts. 

    Our commitment to community engagement is unwavering. We encourage your active involvement in this initiative, as your input and ideas are crucial in shaping the future of these school sites. We will provide regular updates on progress, community meetings, and opportunities for feedback, ensuring that this process remains inclusive, transparent, and reflective of the needs of our neighborhoods. 

    Join us on this exciting journey as we work together to transform these shuttered schools into vibrant, thriving spaces that contribute to the betterment of our communities. Together, we can transform these properties and create lasting positive change. 

    Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the JPS Repurposing Initiative!

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