• Greetings,

    Welcome to the prestigious halls of Powell Middle School, where excellence is not just a word, but an embodiment of our spirit, and success is not merely a destination, but the path we tread upon. As we embark on yet another chapter of in-person learning, our hearts brim with excitement to embrace the journey alongside more than 300 scholars from the vibrant northwest Jackson community. It is with immense pride that we take on the mission of shaping these young minds into global citizens, armed with the skills to conquer high school and beyond.

    As the curtain rises on the 2023-24 academic year, it brings with it a treasure trove of opportunities, each designed to nurture, challenge, and ignite the spark of potential within every scholar. Powell Middle School stands as a haven for diverse middle-level courses, crafting an environment where academic brilliance flourishes in harmony with creative expression. Beyond the classroom, our extracurricular tapestry weaves together the threads of volleyball, football, basketball, band, cheerleading, dance drill team, and choir. Among our distinctive offerings, the Junior Cadet Corps (JCC) stands as a beacon, lighting the path for young hearts to explore leadership and discipline, often paving the way for remarkable journeys, as evidenced by several of our district's Cadets of the Year who once graced the halls of our JCC program.

    Our exceptional faculty, a tapestry of skill and dedication, labors ceaselessly to forge an educational tapestry that is equitable, rigorous, and relevant. These educators are unwavering in their commitment to nurturing scholars within a world-class learning arena, fostering an environment that blooms with learning opportunities. With many of our teachers possessing or actively pursuing advanced degrees in education, their unquenchable thirst for knowledge sets the stage for our scholars' academic triumphs.

    A transformative metamorphosis has graced our campus in recent years, breathing new life into our beloved institution. The school has witnessed a symphony of improvements, from the resurfacing of the bus loading zone and teacher's parking lot to the refreshing touch of paint that has invigorated our spaces. Our art class and science classrooms now stand upgraded, while the restoration of student restrooms and the transformation of our outdoor commons areas and patio echo our commitment to a holistic and inviting educational haven. As the portables bow out gracefully to unveil an enchanting outdoor classroom amphitheater, we anticipate more enhancements on the horizon, and we extend an open hand to all willing partners to join us in sculpting a school that radiates warmth, learning, and inspiration.

    United by a shared vision, we find strength in the support of partners who stand as pillars within our educational community: Mr. Leroy Walker and The 100 Black Men of Jackson, Dr. Juanita Sims-Doty with the A-TEAAM and Choose to Grow, The Brinkley Neighborhood Association, Anderson United Methodist Church, and the Greater Pearlie Grove Missionary Baptist Church. As the tapestry of this academic year unfurls before us, we stand on the threshold of a unique partnership—a partnership that marries the dedication of parents, the wisdom of community organizations, and the devotion of our school staff. Through collective effort and unwavering determination, we will weave the story of success, one that resonates with the heartbeat of unity.

    With hearts brimming with enthusiasm, we eagerly anticipate a year of triumphs and growth at Powell Middle School. Here, within the embrace of the Trojan Nation, we stand united, and it is with honor that we declare: WE ARE PROUD TO BE A TROJAN! 

    Yours in shared purpose,

    Ranald Johnson, Ed. 

    Principal, Powell Middle School