Department Overview

  • The Office of Finance and Operations oversees a wide variety of work to support the Jackson Public School District's vision, mission, and goals.

    The responsibilities of the Chief Operations Officer (COO) are to provide executive leadership and clear direction to all business services, finance, and operations departments and to assist the Superintendent in ensuring that each department works collaboratively in the effort of providing a safe and healthy environment for students, and contribute to the educational process, by providing healthy meals daily and coordinating the safe and efficient travel of students to and from school every day.

    The Chief Operations Office reinforces departmental compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

    Additionally, the Chief Operations Officer guides the preparation and effective communication of long-range financial forecasts and plans and manages the development and implementation of appropriate fiscal rules, processes, and internal auditing procedures. 

Contact Information

  • 662 S. President Street
    Jackson, MS  39201
    (601) 960-8801

    Mr. Burke

    Earl Burke, Chief Operations Officer

    Philis E. Fowler, Executive Assistant