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  • 2015 National Blue Ribbon School

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    Casey Elementary is an Arts-Integrated K-5 School within the Jackson Public School District.


    The mission of Casey Elementary School is to focus on student achievement by providing a challenging and engaging curriculum for a diverse, multicultural, student body. In doing so, we incorporate the art forms of music, dance, drama, and visual arts into the curriculum. Each student is challenged to develop and achieve essential academic skills, and an appreciation and understanding of their artistic surroundings, in order to become a successful, well-rounded, productive citizen.

    What's Going on at Casey?


    Top-notch education, everyday! We are a Model Whole Schools.At Casey Elementary School. The arts are an essential part of learning for every student from kindergarten to fifth-grade.

    Our scholars are educated through an arts-integrated curriculum. They are exposed to experiences in the art disciplines of music, visual arts, theater, and dance both through pure art classes and the infusion of arts in the regular classroom curriculum.

    Model Whole School

    Casey adopted the Whole School Model in the fall of 1999. Casey is recognized as one of only four Model Whole Schools in the State of Mississippi.

    Principal: Vanessa Hinton-Dean


    BankPlus-  Ralph Jackson. RalphJackson@BankPlus.net.  601-944-4631

    CDFL-  Mandy Carroll. mcarrol@cdfl.com.  601-366-3110

    Covenant Presbyterian Church-  Missy Wyatt. missy@covenantpresjackson.org.  601-981-7236

    The Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation-  Dana F. Robertson. eastover.director@gmail.com.  601-613-9000

    KPMG-  Lissa Webb (Regional Office).  jwebb@kpmg.com. Christina Bull (Local Office). cbull@kpmg.com. 601-832-0448

    Motto: "Where the arts make us smART!"

    Arts Pledge: I pledge to learn everything I can about myself and the world around me through the arts and all other subjects. I pledge to use my imagination to solve problems and to express my ideas because Casey is a creative arts school.