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Ida B. Wells APAC Dance Department

  • Mission: The Wells Academic and Performing Arts Complex Dance Department’s mission is to encourage and stimulate students who display creative potential and physical ability in dance. The Dance Department is selective in admitting new students and renewing our enrollment from year to year. The applicants must enjoy excellent health and have anatomical structure suited to the demands of dance such as a well proportioned, flexible, coordinated body; legs that easily adopt the turned out position; a high instep, etc. They must possess musical aptitude, a natural gift for movement, and high energy level.

    The student accepted to the dance discipline is accepted on a probationary basis. The dance faculty reserves the right to decide at the end of the first semester and at the end of the school year whether the learning process, readiness for instruction, and physical proportions of each student (which can undergo many changes during adolescence) justify continued enrollment and/or admission to the next level. Students’ bodies often change considerably, as does their attitude towards dance, and some are best served by being “counseled out” of dance with the possibility of re-auditioning at a later date.

    The basis of our program is classical ballet, which is the primary structural foundation for all movement. The faculty also believes that Modern, Jazz, Dance History, Terminology, Composition, Performance, and Anatomy studied consistently and sequentially will prepare our students for a career in dance.

    The existence of different levels enables the dance faculty to assign each student to the level best suited to his/her age and stage of technical, mental, and physical development. Appropriate dress is essential at the Power APAC facility. The faculty believes that this is a part of the discipline and failure to wear the appropriate dance attire shows a fragrant disregard to the discipline of dance.

    Core Values: Wells APAC Dance Faculty believes:

    • That a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and high standards will help each student to improve.

    • That every student is respectful to themselves and all others.

    • That we have pride, integrity, and trust in all that we do.

    • That every student can realize his or her fullest potential.

    • That every student has a civic responsibility to the dance department, the school, and community.


    Dance Department Motto: