• 4th Grade Team

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  • For a decade and a half, the Academic and Performing Arts Complex (APAC) of Jackson Public Schools has been implementing and sustaining a vision that was developed in 1980. APAC seeks to provide intensive training for academically and artistically talented students through the provision of a strong scholastic and specialty enrichment program.

    The Power APAC fourth and the fifth-grade program include the district curriculum for math, science, social studies, and language arts. In keeping with our mission statement, it is our goal to enhance, deepen, and enrich the district curriculum using higher level thinking skills such as evaluation, elaboration, and synthesis. Process learning is modeled throughout each unit.

    Academic classes are departmentalized in order to allow teachers to concentrate on their areas of expertise. Furthermore, all students are exposed to the visual and performing arts through arts access classes. The academic and performing arts faculties strive to collaborate in their themes of study to give students a more holistic and connected learning experience.