• Global Citizen Project


    The Global Citizenship Project, which is in its second year, is an opportunity for JPS high school scholars to learn with and from their peers across the country and around the world while expanding their understanding of social, cultural, and historical connections between Jackson, Baltimore, and Nigeria. All students are encouraged to apply for this exciting opportunity to explore their communities, their country, and the world.

    “This project helps make our core values real for high school scholars. While they are building deep relationships with their fellow scholars here and across the globe, they have a unique opportunity to critically examine issues of equity in different contexts,” said JPS Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene. “This is an opportunity that challenges our scholars to lean into a growth mindset while understanding the relevance of what they are learning in the classroom.”


    The JPS Global Citizenship Project offers scholars an opportunity to co-create a transformational learning experience for themselves and their peers. Through the program, JPS scholars will develop team-building, research, journalism, social activism, and public speaking skills. In addition, JPS scholars will experience:

    • Unique opportunities to share their views on social, cultural, and political issues and events.
    • Opportunities to learn about the educational and cultural experiences of their peers in Baltimore, Maryland, and Nigeria.
    • Co-develop learning materials for their peers to deepen their understanding of the rich history and culture in their communities and in the communities they will be exploring.


    Who should apply?

    All JPS freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are encouraged to apply, including those scholars who have not been traditionally involved in extracurricular leadership programs and experiences.


    The project will last 7 months, beginning in December 2022 and concluding in June 2023.

    How to Apply

    High school students currently enrolled in JPS are encouraged to apply by completing the JPS Global Citizenship Project Application by November 29, 2022.

    For more information on this project, contact Jana Williams at janwilliams@jackson.k12.ms.us or (601) 960-8730.

    W.K. Kellogg Foundation | Jackson Public Schools

Last Modified on November 16, 2022