• Return to Learn 2021/2022

    Jackson Public Schools will be returning to in-person learning in the fall. Below is a quick Q&A covering our procedures for the 2021-2022 school year. The Return to Learn Plan covers additional details about our plans for the safe return of all scholars beginning in August of 2021, including academic schedules, safety procedures, transportation, and more.

    Will families have a choice of learning options?

    No. The District is moving to 100% in-person learning with limited exceptions for documented health reasons.

    In what conditions or circumstances will we move to virtual instruction?

    We are prepared to move to virtual instruction for any emergency provided scholars and teachers have uninterrupted access to the internet and power.

    How will the District handle future inclement weather days?

    In the event of inclement weather that impedes safe travel to and from school or school infrastructure, such as insufficient water supply, the District will move to virtual instruction provided there is no widespread power or internet failure due to the conditions.

    How will the District accommodate scholars with an illness or experiencing COVID-related quarantine? 

    Schools will provide Asynchronous virtual assignments for all scholars whether they are in-person or learning at home due to illness or quarantine.
    School principals and nurses will be able to answer additional questions if you have them.

Last Modified on July 19, 2021