• What is the Role of a Professional School Counselor?

    Counseling is a helping process in which the school counselor provides a safe, nurturing environment to foster a trusting relationship with students. In this confidential relationship, students can explore their feelings and experiences in hopes of finding a meaningful, positive solution to their personal issues. The school counselor can help students grow socially and emotionally by providing a listening ear and by teaching such as understanding and managing feelings, solving problems, making friends, and more.

    How do Counselors Work with Students?

    Classroom Guidance - The counselor goes into the classrooms to teach knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help students reach their full potential in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development.
    Small Group Counseling - The counselor works with students in smaller group settings to address specific areas of concern. Group availability is selected by the counselor based on the amount of need. If a group is unavailable, the counselor can work with a student individually.
    Individual Counseling - The counselor meets with individual students to help solve problems that are interfering with their learning and sense of well-being.
    Parent and Teacher Consultation - The counselor meets with parents and/or teachers regarding issues with students.
    Responsive Services - Includes crisis intervention, consultation, collaboration, and conflict resolution. 

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