Eligibility 2019

  • Eligibility Requirements 2019:  IAW MHSAA SECTION 2:  Eligibility rules shall apply to all students participating in interscholastic athletic competition in all activities/athletics at all levels of play.  It is a school’s responsibility to educate student-athletes, parents, coaches, and other appropriate persons on MHSAA rules, including eligibility rules that affect them.

    Athletic participants must be:  a bona fide student. He/she shall be enrolled in a MHSAA member school, take the required number of subjects for graduation by his/her local district and conduct himself/herself appropriately, have not reached his/her 19th birthday before August 1 of that school year,  have a valid physical annually prior to tryouts or practices in the season in which he/she participates that is for one calendar year, make “satisfactory progress toward graduation” have a 2.0 or “C” average or above. 

    Complete the sportsmanlike and concussion course as defined by the district and MHSAA.

FHHS Try Outs

  • golf bag

    Tryouts are open to any eligible student regardless of gender.  You must take a written knowledge test and a physical performance assessment. 

    This can be done during the fall or spring sessions.  Fall dates are TBD while spring dates are defined by MHSAA. Personal golf equipment is not mandatory yet highly suggested. Middle school students need to coordinate tryout time and location if they can not make either above guidelines.  Contact the coach for more details about the parent meeting on February 5 at 6 pm.

Patriot's Golfers 2018

  • 2018 Team     The 2018 golf team members from left to right are: 

    Travis Adams, Micah Lee, Jabez Williams, Scott-Brinson, Amario Gayner. 

    Not pictured is LeJaric Humphrey and Michael  Smith.

2019 Schedule

  • JPS General Guidance: Site / Tee time - Grove Park Golf Course, 1800 Walter (Dutch) Welch Drive/ 2 p.m. unless noted otherwise

    Schedule:  JPS Invititional Scramble February 23, 2019

                    Superintdent's Cup April 18, 2019 at LeFlores' Bluff


    FHHS Detailed including torunaments


    Regional / District - April 22, 2019 (5A/ Reg 6/ Dist 7)

         Males: TBD

         Females: Natchez High @ Duncan Park 

    State - April 29 thru May 7, 2019; locations TBD