• Stephen Johnson, Principal and Lead Learner

  • Stephen Johnson, Ed.S. became principal of Bates Elementary in Jackson Public Schools in 2012. He began his educational career as an Instructional Assistant in 2001 at G.N. Smith Elementary. The following year, he became a certified 5th grade teacher at G.N. Smith Elementary. Mr. Johnson taught 5th grade for 6 years. He became Assistant Principal of Johnson Elementary in August 2008. He also served as Assistant Principal of John Hopkins Elementary (2009-2011), and McWillie Elementary (2011-2012). 

    Mr. Johnson received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tougaloo College in May 1999. He then pursued and received his Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Jackson State University in 2003. He continued to press and strive for more knowledge and received an Education Specialist degree from Mississippi College in 2008. He aspires to receive his Doctoral degree also. 

    Stephen Johnson has presented several professional development sessions within the district as well as out of state. He also completed the Millsaps College Department of Education Principals’ Summer Institute in June 2014. He seeks to continue to build his knowledge base with more research-based best practices and career development strategies that will build and empower him as an effective leader. He seeks to create the best opportunities for continued learning and success wherever he goes. One of his educational mottos is “The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.”




    Stephen Johnson