• Bailey APAC Middle School is one of 13 middle schools in the Jackson Public School District. The school serves students in grades 6-8.


    The mission of our school is to provide each student with evidence-based best practices for teaching and learning, within a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline and excellence in every student endeavor.


    Our vision is to become an A+ ranked learning environment that promotes students that are disciplined and meet standards in all subject areas needed for proficient and advanced levels.


    Improve academic performance and achievement for all students
    Improve state standards and benchmarks for our school
    To ensure that all students have a successful transition into high school career readiness
    Ensure a safe school and well-defined discipline plan
    95% positive student behavior
    100% of students scoring 85 or above on term averages
    Improve parental and community involvement
    Attract and retain high quality teachers and provide professional developments
    Implement and maintain strategic planning

    The Motto

    We are Bailey K.N.I.G.H.T.S.





     Hard working 



    JPS District Information about APAC Program


    Advanced Learning Programs & Services

    630 South State Street

    Jackson, MS  39201

    Phone: (601) 960-2509

    Dr. Vicki Davidson, Executive Director

    Power APAC Elementary School

    Dr. Marlynn Martin, Principal

    (601) 960-5387

    Bailey APAC Middle School

    Christi Hollingshead, Principal

    Dr. Shelia Gilmore, Assistant Principal  

    (601) 960-5343

    Murrah High School

    Dr. Alvanette Buchanan, Principal 

    (601) 960-5380

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Last Modified on May 25, 2017