About McLeod


    “Making Every Moment Meaningful”

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to become a Star school that educates well disciplined, caring students who are prepared for higher learning through rigorous learning opportunities.


    Mission Statement

    McLeod is committed to: preparing students for the future by accepting responsibility to provide engaging, rigorous instruction.  We also offer opportunities for growth – socially, morally, and intellectually in a safe, clean, and orderly school.  Uniting our efforts, the staff, students, parents and community can provide an environment where students feel empowered to excel. 


    1.    Improve academic achievement of all students by: providing instruction using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, by providing counseling services for students new to McLeod and those at risk, by providing instructional interventions, rewarding and recognizing students who show improvement and those on Honor Roll.

    2.    Establish and maintain a safe and orderly school by: establishing a discipline plan and using our behavior matrix (STEP- Safety first, treat everyone respectfully, exceed expectations and pursue success) and recognizing our Super Citizens.

    3.    Maintain ADA at 95% by: decreasing tardies, offering incentives, announcing perfect attendance daily.

    4.   Improve Parental and Community Involvement by: continuing our Book Buddy program, participation in Watch Dogs for Dads, acknowledging parents and community members who can share expertise with students, implement Junior League vision and hearing screenings.