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    Mission Statement 

    Capital City Alternative School (CCAS) is committed to equipping students with the academics, social skills, emotional skills, and knowledge necessary to be successful in their home schools and communities. CCAS in partnership with all of its stakeholders guarantees each student will learn to live successful lives and become self advocates of post secondary education.



  • Goals

    The goal of CCAS is to provide an educational setting appropriate for the needs of our students. This is accomplished by the following: 

    • Providing each student with an Individual Instructional Plan or an appropriate IEP to enhance progress toward promotion, graduation, and/or GED attainment. 
    • Ensuring that students receive individual and group counseling, social services, and exposure to school-wide practices of Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).
    • Developing positive self-concepts through programmatic offerings, which provide measures of success.
    • Creating a culture and climate where students feel safe in the educational environment. 


  • Quick Facts
    • CCAS provides comprehensive educational, behavioral, and emotional support services for grades 4-12 enrolled in the Jackson Public School District, who are found to be at-risk and in need of a highly structured and supportive alternative educational environment.                                                                    
    • Orientation is conducted Monday through Friday, beginning at 8:00 A. M.                                            
    • CCAS students will take the same English, Math, Science and Social Studies classes taken at the home school.
    • Students may earn up to eight (4) Carnegie units while at CCAS.                                                                                
    • All grades earned at CCAS will be transferred to the home school in the same manner as they are transferred from schools within and outside the district.

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  • Capital City Alternative School
    2221 Boiling Street Jackson, MS 39213
    Bell Schedule: 7:30 am-2:30 pm
    (601) 713-2376

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