• Marshall Elementary is one of 33 elementary schools in the Jackson Public School District. It serves students in grades pre-K-5.


    Marshall Elementary students will have the courage to make a firm and collaborative commitment toward securing a better future for our school community.


    Developing and nurturing students who BELIEVE they are S.T.A.R.S.—Smart, Thoughtful, Accountable, Respectful, and Successful


    At Marshall:

    • We believe all children can learn. 
    • We believe that students learn in different ways; therefore a variety of instructional strategies are used to support the various learning styles.
    • We believe that students learn more when they are motivated and are involved in hands-on learning experiences. 
    • We believe that in order for all students to increase individual performance, teachers must demonstrate high expectations in all areas of learning. 
    • We believe that the responsibility for providing a quality education involves a collaborative effort by staff, the students, the family, and the community. 
    • We believe that in order to provide a quality school, a commitment to continuous improvement is necessary. 
    • We believe that it is important to provide a physically safe, emotionally secure, and clean environment conducive to learning. 
    • We believe that our statements of mission and beliefs drive the decisions made to provide the high standard of education provided at Marshall Elementary School.


    School Namesake

    Bessie Nelson Marshall 1885-1959. The Jackson native attended Industrial Institute and Norman College, now MUW. She taught at Pisgah, Poindexter and Davis. In 1949, she taught sixth grade at Watkins. In 1955, she transferred to the office of elementary school librarians, where she worked until retirement in 1955.

    School Profile

    School Colors: Red, black, and white.

    Student Uniforms: Students may wear pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses in khaki or navy.  The tops must be white or navy blue.  Fridays will be school spirit days and the students may wear red tops or Marshall shirts with uniform bottoms.  No blue jeans. 

    Marshall Chant:

    I'm Motivated! I'm Dedicated! 
    My mind is going to be Elevated! 
    No matter what may come to me, 
    I'm claiming now my Victory!
    Marshall to the Top! 
    Marshall to the Top! 
    Marshall to the Top!

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Last Modified on May 24, 2018