Department Overview

  • The Purpose of the Office of Teaching and Learning 

    The Office of Teaching & Learning combines the functions of curriculum, instruction, assessment and teacher training in a way that leads to effective implementation of curricular content in our classrooms. The office seeks to create skilled, reflective practitioners by providing learning opportunities for employees to acquire new skills and knowledge. With the collaboration of educational stakeholders, we initiate a system of districtwide strategic professional development that encompasses ongoing, planned, and comprehensive job-embedded experiences.

    The follwing departments are housed within the Office of Teaching and Learning:

    • Curiculum Development,
    • Library Services,
    • Pre-K and Early Childhood, and 
    • Student Assessment

    We endeavor to work with each of our schools to ensure that our scholars are learning and acheiveing at the highest level each and every day throughrough equitable and individualized supports. 

    As we work to build the instructional opportunuties of growth for our scholars, we have embraced three key instructional priorities for the 2021-2022 school year, Acceleration of Learning, Balamced Assessment System, and a Culture of Observation and Feedback. The aforementioned priorities are further explained in our 2021-2022 JPS Instructional Framework document. 

    The work of the Office of Teaching and Learning is mostly grounded in the MS Accountability Frameworks, Standard 20.  All of our work is aligned to the JPS Instructional Managment System and the JPS Instructional Framework. 

    Professional Learning and Development 

    Professional learning and develoment is needed to ensure that all of our district-level leaders, school-level leaders, and instructional staff are keeping abreast of the current best practices to greatly impact instruction.  The Professional Development Plan (PDP) is to encourage and support certified and classified personnel in their continuous effort to grow professionally.  Professional development serves as a bridge that connects where novice and experienced educators are now to where they need to be to meet the new challenges of preparing students for the 21st-century workplace; advancing levels of technology; and increasing accountability for student achievement.

    Goals of Professional Development

    The goals of implementing the Standards for Professional Learning are to outline the characteristics of professional learning that lead to the following:

    • Effective teaching practices.
    • Supportive leadership.
    • Improved student results.
    • Results-driven high-quality professional development activities.

    Our staff is committed to encouraging and supporting certified and classified personnel in their continuous effort to grow professionally. Professional Development serves as a bridge that connects where prospective and experienced educators are now, and where they will need to be to meet the challenges of guiding all students in achieving to higher standards of learning and development. By directly communicating with the various offices within JPS, the Office of Professional Development is able to inform schools and administrative offices of training activities that are available throughout each school year.

Contact Information

  • 624 South President Street
    Jackson, MS 39201
    (601) 960-8355

    Contact Teaching & Learning

    Dr. Kimberly Smith, Executive Director

    Lori Harris, Administrative Assistant/Textbook Coordinator 

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