Department Overview

  • Parenting Program

    The Jackson Public Schools Parenting Program provides parents with educational resource materials, equipment, and information to become more effective in working with their children on specific skills at home. The District's Parent and Family Engagement Center is housed in the Morrison Complex located at 1224 Eminence Row. Services are provided to all families within the District and at participating non-public schools. The Parent and Family Engagement Center is open year round.

    The program's purpose is to:

    • Enable parents to enhance the learning experience of their children.
    • Provide resources designed to strengthen the social, emotional, and academic needs of the family.
    • Improve student achievement by involving parents in the education of their children.

    All materials checked out from the Parent and Family Engagement Center are for seven days. Parents fill out a loaner application and receive a green identification card for check out privileges. The loaner agreement explains the services offered and the parent responsibilities for checking out materials. The resources are checked out on an honor system. 

    Resources for Families

    Computer Lab

    The state-of-the-art computer lab offers parents and students a variety of computer programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Internet access.

    Home Study Packets

    These packets are used to reinforce and support skills taught in the classroom. Parents may obtain a Student Prescription Sheet from the Parent and Family Engagement Center or the JPS website to be completed by the child's teacher and returned to the center by calling (601) 960-8945 and giving the information to a center staff member. The staff will prepare individual packets based on teacher recommendation.

    Reading Enrichment

    Reading books are available for elementary and secondary students. Books on the summer reading lists for grades K-12 are also available at the Parent and Family Engagement Center.


    Lightspan is a video teaching program that connects to your home television set with reading, math, social studies, science and English programs for grades K-6.


    This is a hand-held computer with software in reading, math, social studies and English.

    Parent Workshops

    Parents who use the center are invited to take part in scheduled meetings, workshops, and conferences. Workshops can be scheduled at the child’s school upon request. 

    Parent Requested Services

    The staff will work with parents in securing community services and assistance for their families.

    The forms below are available to speed up the process of requesting materials from the Parent and Family Engagement Center.

    • Student Prescription Sheet – Once completed by a teacher, materials can be obtained for free by the student’s parent or guardian to address prescribed needs.
    • Loaner Application – Parents use this form to check out materials from the resource center.


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