1. Student Athletes at Jim Hill must maintain a 2.0 GPA (C average)

    2. Have a valid physical on file

    3. Complete the Star Sportsmanship Course


    Forms: See MHSAA and JPDS Athletic page (Parent Consent, Concussion, and Participation Consent), Physical Validation, Copy of Birth certification

    Courses: See MHSAA and JPSD Athletic  page under the Library tab (Star Sportsmanship)

    Eligibility:  See MHSAA and JPSD Athletic page (Academics standards)

  • Tiger Sports & Contacts


    Athletic Director

    James Lewis           

    Email: jamlewis@jackson.k12.ms.us


    Fall Season

    Football Varsity Head Coach: 

    Darrell Scott 

    Email: dscott@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Football JV Head Coach/Varsity Assistant Coach:

    Makeba Crowley 

    Email: macrowley@jackson.k12.ms.us


    Softball Head Coach: 

    Verity Taylor

    Email: vtaylor@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Cross Country Head Coach:  

    Korian Padgett

    Email: kpadgett@jackson.k12.ms.us


    Combination Season (Fall/Winter)

    Boys Basketball Varsity Head Coach: 

    James Lewis

    Email: jamlewis@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Boys Basketball JV Head Coach/Varsity Assistant Coach: 

    Brian Opara-Nadi

    Email: boparanadi@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Girls Basketball Varsity Head Coach:  

    Jacqueline Vickers-Ross

    Email: jvross@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Girl Basketball JV Head Coach: 

    Shaterrica Hall-Judgeware

    Email: shehall@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Boys/Girls Soccer Head Coach: 

    Frederick Davis

    Email: frederickdavis247@gmail.com

    Boys/Girls Soccer Assistant Coach:

    Drake Sanders

    Email: drasanders@jackson.k12.ms.us


    Spring Season

    Softball Head Coach: 

    Varity Taylor

    Email: vtaylor@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Baseball Head Coach: 

    Baseball Assistant Coach:

    Samuel Buchanan

    Email: sbuchanan@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Girls Track & Field Coach: 

    Tamika Harris 

    Email: tamika.parks@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Boys Track & Field Coach: 

    Korian Padgett

    Email: kpadgett@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Tennis Head Coach: 

    Richard Wilson

    Email: riwilson@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Golf Head Coach:

    Korian Padgett

    Email: kpadgett@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Powerlifting Boys & Girls Coach: 

    Stanley Spell

    Email: sspell@jackson.k12.ms.us

    E-Sports Head Coach: 

    Carson May

    Email: carmay@jackson.k12.ms.us