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    Dear Bailey APAC Families,

    With the closing of school, it can be scary and alarming. We want you to know that we are in this together.  By working together, we can reduce the worry that surrounds the virus. Together is better. We will do everything we can to provide you with care and support even outside of a typical school environment. Please tell our students that we miss them!!!

    Here are some of the ways that the School Counseling Program will support you at home. 

    1. We will continue to update our Counselor’s page with links to social/emotional learning that can take place right at home. The links may include a video and discussion items for your child.
    2. Encourage you to monitor the district’s website for information about community food banks, resources, etc.
    3. Offer videos and other ideas for how to talk about the virus. Staying informed on what we have control over is a great way to reduce anxiety in children. 

    Please reach out to us via SchoolStatus or email for more questions or concerns.

    Mrs. Spurlock – mspurlock@jackson.k12.ms.us

    Mrs. Jones – mejones@jackson.k12.ms.us


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    Resource for our parents:

    Coping During COVID-19: Resources for parents. With schools closed, children at home anxiety is running high. We know parents are struggling to balance work, child care, self-care all while keeping worries — both your children’s and your own— under control.


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