• "Nacho Ordinary" PTA Meeting

    The Obama Magnet School instructional staff and PTA board hosted the annual "Nacho Ordinary" PTA meeting on Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 6:00 - 7:15 P.M.  At this meeting PTA members served nachos and our instructional staff offered parent workshops on elements of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP).  The workshops showcased how the different transdisciplinary themes are taught across the grade levels.  Parents also learned about the IB PYP components of the action cycle, approaches to learning, attitudes, exhibition, inquiry-based learning, key concepts, and learner profile attributes.  Sessions on the science fair and healthy family meals were are also presented. 

    Access to all the presentation materials is available below.

    Driving the CAR (Choose, Act, Reflect) to Who We Are!

    Target: K-2nd grade

    Description: Analyze the action cycle through the transdisciplinary theme of who we are.  Learn about learning engagements connected to the who we are units of inquiry and how students are encouraged to take action. 

    Presenters: Leigh Butler, Kindergarten teacher, Nicole Chen, 2nd grade teacher, and Aisha Martin, Instructional assistant

    How We Express Ourselves and the Approaches to Learning

    Target: 3rd-5th grade

    Presenters: Kayla Evans, 3rd grade teacher, Tammie Ross, Computer lab technician, and Jennifer Tanner, 4th grade teacher

    Description: Gain a better understanding of how the how we express ourselves is taught in grades 3rd through 5th. Answer the question “What are the approaches to learning?” and explore how these skills are utilized in a unit of inquiry.  

    Keys to Organization

    Target: K-2nd grade

    Description: Join us as we elaborate on the transdisciplinary theme of how we organize ourselves and the key concepts.

    Presenters: Latonya Beachem, Instructional assistant, Kerri Harris, 1st grade teacher, Tikela Norals, Instructional assistant, and Ashley Poole, Kindergarten teacher

    Science Fair – All You Need to Know

    (Additional materials: the science fair instruction packet and display and safety regulations)

    Target: K-5th grade

    Description: Would you like your child to have an “edge" at this year's science fair? Attend this session to gather information pertaining to science fair project proposals, guidelines, components, acceptable materials, important dates, timeline, categories, judging criteria and more!

    Presenter: David Schommer, Gifted education coordinator

    Sharing the Exhibition Expedition

    Target: 5th grade

    Description: Parents will embark on an expedition to 5th grade exhibition, making connections to all of the IB PYP Essential elements. You will also learn about the expectations, procedures, and how best to support their scholars throughout the exhibition process.

    Presenters: Jaleisha Cleveland, 5th grade teacher, LaPrecious Edmonds, Instructional assistant, Charlton Johnson, Substitute teacher, and Janet Wallace, Interventionist

    What's for Dinner? Healthy Choices for Family Mealtimes

    Target: K-5th grade

    Description: Healthy students and academic achievement go hand in hand.  Creating and sustaining a healthy school environment requires the continued commitment and involvement of our families and community.  This session will focus on healthy meal planning for busy families. You will also learn how to support student in demonstrating the IB learner profile attributes. 

    Presenters: Kelly Loveless, Counselor, and Samantha Willcutt, Registered dietitian with the MSU Extension Service

    Where we are in place and time: Inquiry in the Classroom

    Target: K-2nd grade

    Description: Learn about the where we are in place and time transdisciplinary units in kindergarten through 2nd grades.  Travel with us to explore different levels of inquiry in our classrooms.

    Presenters: Stephanie Dees, 2nd grade teacher, and Adrian Mayfield, 1st grade teacher

    Who We Are: Spanish and Inquiry

    (Additional materials: Activity handout and description of unfamiliar celebrations)

    Target: K-5th grade

    Presenters: Naomi Mays, Spanish teacher, and Beth Roach, IB Coordinator

    Description: Are you curious about what your child is learning in Spanish? Attend this session to learn how Spanish is connected to the who we are units of inquiry across the grade levels.  You will also learn about inquiry and closed vs. open questions.    

    Working with Attitude

    Target: 3rd and 4th grade

    Description: Take a closer look at the transdisciplinary theme of how the world works in third and fourth grade.  Participants will also be able to identify how learning engagements under this theme connect to the IB attitudes. 

    Presenters: Deaja Knight, 3rd grade teacher, and Kristen Powell, 4th grade teacher