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    The APAC dance program includes classical ballet, modern dance, and jazz technique taught for students in grades 4 through 12.  Content includes technical fundamentals of movement, musicality, pointe, composition, and performance.  Each unit of curriculum includes objectives that are interrelated and ongoing.  Master of requirements in each level is prerequisite to advancement to the next level.  Students are required to attend, critique, and participate in dance performances.


    The philosophy of the Power APAC Music Department is to provide a strong foundation in informed music performance and appreciation through the teaching/learning process. Factors in this foundation include preparation for performance; skills of performance; process of performance; and performance of a varied repertoire, both alone and with others, in a variety of settings. Course and unit offerings include Applied Music Performance (instrumental music, piano, vocal music), Music Theory (written, keyboard), Music Theory Skills (rhythm, ear training, sight-singing, dictation), and Music Literature.

    In the Instrumental Music Program, emphasis is on small ensemble work with attention to solo work. It is part of our course offering to work with professional players as much as possible. This is achieved through guest artist presentations and, where possible, collaborative performance. In all areas of instrumental music, reading skills are stressed. Refining the ear is of utmost importance as is developing technique.

    In the Piano Program, special emphasis is given to the development of repertoire, technique and productive practice habits. Students perform in two showcase performances in addition to ongoing opportunities throughout the year: a showcase at the end of the first semester where each student performs one or two selections, and a mini recital presentation at the end of the year requiring a minimum of one piece from each of the four historical periods of music. The preparation of portfolios is emphasized. Taking advantage of opportunity to accompany, play piano ensemble music, enter festivals and play chamber music is an important aspect of the program. Master class opportunities with guest artists are significant to the program.

    In the Vocal Music Program emphasis is equal on solo, small ensemble and large group performances. Showcase concerts feature all formats, and for small "take-out" performances, mix and match is standard. Student accompanists are used as possible, and professional accompanists are often used. Piano proficiency is a required part of the vocal student's work. Vocal warm-up is part of the daily routine. Student choreography is featured. Students enter voice festivals as part of their preparation in solo performance, and our students are part of local and state honor choirs and music festival choirs.


    The APAC Theatre Arts Department provides training according to the highest standards of excellence. Comprehensive coursework covering actor and director training, technical theatre, theatre history, multicultural theatre and dramatic literature provides training for a future in the arts whether it is as a professional or as a lifetime advocate for the arts.

    Students in every level (elementary, middle school and high school) have the opportunity to audition for a part in a play that is produced during the school year. If a student chooses not to audition for their level's play, they have the option of working on a technical production crew which includes sound, lighting, set and costume design and construction, makeup, etc. Each student receives a comprehensive education in the theatre arts, including all aspects of theatre, both performance and technical.

    High school students can earn membership into the International Thespian Society by going to view plays, performing in a play or musical, working backstage, or working in the house during a performance. The APAC Theatre Arts Department takes high school students to the State Thespian Conference every year to compete in various theatre categories such as: one-acts, monologue, duo-scenes, musical theatre, set design, costume design, and publicity. The Power APAC Department of Theatre Arts has maintained a long standing relationship with the International Thespian Society and encourages students to explore new and exciting theatre experiences both at school and in the community.

    Visual Arts

    Students in APAC Visual Arts rotate among three artist/instructors in order to receive intensive training in drawing, design, art history, ceramics and sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography. They also have the opportunity to work with visiting local and nationally recognized artists in these areas as well as others such as architecture, illustration and performance. Group critiques provide yet another means of developing students into successful art students and artists. A primary instructional goal is to develop the student artists' ability and portfolio to a level worthy of art scholarships and awards. Students are encouraged to produce work for entry in numerous art competitions throughout the year. Our department is proud of its legacy of award winners each year in contests such as the Scholastic Art Awards, Blue Cross Design for Good Health Contest, Martin Luther King Contest, and many others.

    Students in the Visual Arts program should exhibit a natural desire for drawing, especially from direct observation and interpretation of natural surroundings. Each student is required to maintain a sketchbook with weekly sketch assignments due each Friday

    Advanced Placement courses are offered to 11th and 12th graders in the area of Art History, Studio Art:2-D Design Portfolio and 3-D Design Portfolio. Students who successfully complete this AP coursework may receive advanced placement credits from the college they attend.

    Art Club is open to secondary Power APAC students, and meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 3:45 - 5:30 when school is in session. At least one art-related field trip is planned each year for Visual Arts Emphasis students. Students are encouraged to attend exhibits at local galleries and museums for enrichment and extra-mile credit.
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