• Mission

    The mission of the Pre-Kindergarten program in Jackson Public Schools is to provide quality early childhood experiences based on principles of child development and understanding of how four-year-olds grow and learn.

    Pre-K Program

    Positive early learning experiences help to prepare young children for success in kindergarten and beyond. The JPS Pre-Kindergarten program emphasizes engaging learning experiences for four-year-old children.

    The following JPS elementary schools have a Pre-Kindergarten program:

    • Baker Elementary
    • Clausell Elementary
    • Dawson Elementary
    • Galloway Elementary
    • Green Elementary
    • John Hopkins Elementary
    • Johnson Elementary
    • Key Elementary
    • Lake Elementary
    • Shirley Elementary
    • Marshall Elementary 
    • Mcwillie Elementary 
    • North Jackson Elementary
    • Pecan Park Elementary
    • Raines Elementary
    • Smith Elementary
    • Timberlawn Elementary
    • Van Winkle Elementary 
    • Walton Elementary
    • Watkins Elementary
    • Wilkins Elementary

    The Pre-K education program is funded by Title I.


    The Frog Street Pre-K program will be used to prepare JPS pre-K students to be grade-level proficient in phonics, vocabulary, science, math, and enhance their social and emotional skills before entering kindergarten. The research-based, child-centered program is aligned to Mississippi Early Learning Standards.

    Frog Street Program Features:

    • Embraces a joy of learning
    • Provides comprehensive integrated instruction in all developmental domains.
    • Balances international instruction with child-centered learning.
    • Officers a strong daily routine that develops key social skills and emotional control.
    • Empowers children with choices in self-directed activities.
    • Honors the power of a strong teacher-child interaction to develop rich oral language and a robust vocabulary.
    • Uses research-based principles of learning as the cornerstone of instruction.

    Learn more about the Frog Street Press and its early learning curriculum.


    Students must be age four (4) before September 1, of the attending school year.

    The following items must be presented at the time of registration:

    • A Mississippi Immunization Compliance Form 121 (printout from the Hinds County Health Department)
    • A certified birth certificate that must shows the parents’ names
    • Student’s Social Security card
    • Legal paperwork (i.e., adoption, court order, guardianship, etc.)
    • Parents must complete and sign a Pre-Kindergarten application (at one site only).
    • The parent must show proof of residence within in the school zone the child will attend

Contact Information

  • 330 Judy Street
    Jackson, MS 39212 
    Phone: (601) 371-4336 
    Fax: (601) 371-1102

    Wanda Harper, Pre-K Teacher