• The major focus of the School-to-Career Program is to prepare students for lifelong learning through exploration of jobs and training to improve education and workforce development.

    The Schools-to-Career Program works to connect with community college education systems, universities, business, and labor to ensure that each student is provided with appropriate educational opportunities to prepare for constructive participation in society, immediate employment and/or further education.

    The program focuses on four categories:

    • School-Based Activities
    • Work-Based Activities
    • Connecting Activities
    • Marketing Activities

    Our Schools-to-Career Program also gives our second-year career and technical education students the opportunity to do internship or work for pay at a related career business. This allows the students to receive hands-on experience in the chosen career area. It further provides the relevance of their academics to the skills needed in the workplace.

Contact Information

  • Dorothy A. Edward-McChester
    School-to-Career Coordinator
    Jackson Public Schools
    Career Development Center
    2703 First Avenue
    Jackson, MS 39209
    (601) 960-5322