Phoenix School of Leadership, College and Careers Overview

  • Phoenix School of Leadership, College, and Careers

    Phoenix School of Leadership, College and Careers (PSLCC). 

    Phoenix of School of Leadership, College and Careers (PSLCC) was created to provide our senior scholars with career options, beginning from the moment scholars are admitted to The Falcon’s International High School of College and Careers. PSLCC supports the personal and professional development of scholars through knowledge and experimental opportunities. 

    Teaming is an instructional program in which several teachers share their resources and expertise. It provides better instruction and more positive classroom experiences. Teaming also gives scholars and teachers the feeling of belonging to a small group that has common goals, expectations, standards, and rules.

    PSLCC Team Goals ~ These goals are what we, the team teachers, expect our scholars to accomplish in addition to learning the subject matter in the content areas.

    • Cooperation & Participation ~ Both academically and socially.
    • Attendance ~ This is mandatory and essential! In order to be a successful scholar, your scholar MUST attend school on a daily basis. It is also essential that your scholar be on time every day. (FYI: Seniors cannot miss more than 20 days in the school year!)
    • Personal Responsibility and Accountability ~ Every scholar is expected and charged with accepting responsibility for his/her academic achievement, behavior, materials, and assignments.
    • Graduation ~ 100 % Graduation Rate. We expect each scholar to strive, push, and propel each other to the next level. 

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