Career Development Center

  • At The Jackson Public Schools' Career Development Center we are committed to providing scholars with experiences, knowledge and the expanded skill set necessary to compete in a global economy.  At The Career Development Center our Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses focus on state and national standards, skills that lead scholars to innovation, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. Our instructors do a great job EVERY DAY implementing strategies that ensure our courses are hands on, rigorous and relevant while making certain that ourSCHOLARS ARE READY FOR LIFE after high school graduation. 

    We pride ourselves on staying abreast of current trends occurring in the workforce with all the businesses and industries we represent. This is so that our scholars complete our 2 year programs with skills that employers can utilize immediately. A number of our CTE programs offer dual college credit at little or no cost to our scholars.  This college credit gives our scholars a head start to further their education and training.

    We encourage High School and Adult Scholars to come Prepare for YOUR FUTURE at CDC.  I look forward to continue serving the community, scholars and families of Jackson Public Schools.