• Bailey APAC stresses our academic success and many school activities reflect this appreciation to academics.

    Bailey APAC Newspaper - The newspaper is led by Mrs. Clark and the workers take great pride in their work.  Student editors lead the process of creating the school newspaper.

    Science Olympiad - This Science Olympiad Team is led by Mrs. Julian.  Students take charge to research, experiment, create, and construct various science experiments to solve problems set forth by the Science Olympiad competing standards.  The team competes on regional and hopefully state-wide levels in this fun activity.

    Challenge Bowl - The Challenge Bowl is led by Mr. Eifling.  The team answers various academic questions in a competition buzzer system event against other schools.  Our team has won the District Challenge Bowl for 4 consecutive years. 

    Scrabble Team - Mrs. Hagler leads the scrabble team to help students create word combinations to gather the most points possible.  

    Chess Team - Mrs. Ayers leads the Bailey APAC Chess Team.  Students use their skills to achieve checkmate by playing tournaments at the district and state level.  

    Bailey APAC Excalibur Show Choir - Ms. Stoulig leads students to dance and sing their way to the top.  The Show Choir performs throughout the year as they learn various musical scores and choreography.

    Bailey APAC Band - Student learn to toot their own horn as they participate in the school band.  Mr. Hibler leads students to understanding music better as they perform during the year.  The band often participates in parades and various sporting events.   

Last Modified on May 1, 2017