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    Title I Pre-Kindergarten Program

    The Jackson Public School District’s Pre-Kindergarten Program is a federally-funded, Title I program. There are 29 pre-kindergarten classes located in 21 elementary schools within the District. The maximum enrollment is 20 students per class.

    The following JPS elementary schools have a Pre-Kindergarten Program:

    • Baker Elementary
    • Clausell Elementary
    • Dawson Elementary
    • Galloway Elementary
    • Green Elementary
    • John Hopkins Elementary
    • Johnson Elementary
    • Key Elementary
    • Lake Elementary
    • Shirley Elementary
    • Marshall Elementary
    • McWillie Elementary
    • North Jackson Elementary
    • Pecan Park Elementary
    • Raines Elementary
    • Smith Elementary
    • Timberlawn Elementary
    • Van Winkle Elementary
    • Walton Elementary
    • Watkins Elementary
    • Wilkins Elementary



    The Pre-Kindergarten Program shall expose children to a vocabulary-rich, nurturing environment where learning takes place through play. The curriculum provides the framework for students to be taught according to stages of child development and according to each child’s own individual needs. Teachers shall be highly knowledgeable about child development and the subjects and standards required to teach pre-kindergarten students.



    The following goals have been established for pre-kindergarten students:

    • Develop rich oral language and a robust vocabulary.
    • Acquire knowledge of skills and concepts taught in each subject area.
    • Develop social skills and emotional control.
    • Transition smoothly through daily routines to learning centers and to other environments independently.



    The Title I Pre-Kindergarten Program uses Opening the World of Learning (OWL) Curriculum which provides comprehensive, systematic, and high-quality instruction. OWL addresses all of the domains of learning: social and emotional development, language and communication, emergent literacy: reading, emergent literacy: writing, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, technology, and physical development. OWL focuses on key learning goals within each domain and is designed to ensure that all children have the opportunity to work toward attaining these goals and toward achieving readiness for kindergarten and beyond.

    Program Features and Benefits:

    • All instruction and components include English and Spanish versions, with daily English language development lessons.
    • Develops language and early literacy skills in the context of research-based and field-tested content, including math, science, and social studies.
    • Excites kids about learning through highly appealing children's books, posters, picture cards, and music.
    • Provides guidance for teachers with a variety of materials to implement eight thematically organized units.



    • The child must be four years old before September 1 of the attending school year.
    • The child must be completely potty-trained.
    • The child must be screened.
    • Parents must complete a parent application at one site only.

    The following items must be presented at the time of screening:

    • A state ID or driver’s license.
    • A certified birth certificate (long form).
    • A Mississippi Immunization Compliance Form 121 (updated).
    • Two proofs of residence within in the school zone the child will attend.
    • Legal paperwork (i.e., adoption, court order, guardianship, etc.).

    For more information, contact the Pre-K Office at (601) 960-4002.

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