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  • Jackson Public Schools understands that community involvement is a vital component for successful schools. JPS values participation from businesses, civic organizations, faith groups, government agencies, and individuals. Partners in Education connects schools with the community through several programs. Below is a list of some of the ways you or your organization can volunteer or contribute to the success of Jackson Public Schools.

    How You Can Help

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    Partners in Education connects financial and material contributions to meet the needs of our teachers and scholars.

    There is an ongoing need for new uniforms for elementary and middle school students, as well as for students attending Capital City Alternative School, which serves students in grades 5-12.   JPS elementary and middle school uniforms are navy blue or white tops and navy blue or khaki bottoms. Capital City students are restricted to white tops and khaki bottoms.

    PIE Store

    The Jackson Public School District Board of Trustees recently engaged Fahrenheit Creative Group, LLC to facilitate a series of meetings to gather the input of community stakeholders. Participants suggested that teachers were one of the top assets within the district, sharing that many teachers care deeply about their students and often go above and beyond to ensure their classrooms have the resources they need. These efforts by teachers include purchasing supplies for their classrooms and helping families identify other resources to meet non-academic needs.

    The goal of the PIE store to reduce these out-of-pocket expenses by our dedicated educators. The PIE store provides an opportunity for all JPS teachers to visit the space to select needed classroom supplies. The store is located at the Morrison Complex, 1224 Eminence Row, and is open Monday-Thursday, 2-4:30 p.m. and by appointment throughout the school year. Please call (601) 960-8905 for more information.

    Learn more about our PIE Store (PDF).


    We need you. The greatest resource Jackson Mississippi has is her people! Our needs are as diverse as the skillsets within our community. Please consider sharing your time and expertise with us. JPS has an amazing blend of activities that our students are able to experience in addition to traditional academics. 

    For additional information regarding partnering with our schools, please contact Partners in Education at (601) 960-8905.

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