Hope Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance

  • The pathways of this academy will introduce students to banking, business, and marketing. Students will explore business ownership and banking through the lens of business law, finance, marketing, accounting, financial services, contracts, economics, marketing, banking systems, financial technology, money management and foreign and domestic currency, and ethics. Scholars of Provine High School enter this academy as sophomores and continue until graduation. Courses included in the academy are …

    • Business Law/ Personal Finance 
    • Business Fundamentals 
    • Marketing Essentials
    • Entrepreneurship Internship/Hope Credit Union Provine Branch 

    Students enrolled in the Hope Credit Union Academy of Business and Finance have the opportunity to engage with academy partners by participating in industry visits, job shadows, and internships.  Other educational activities include competitions at the area and regional conferences, creating your own business, and working as a Hope credit Union employee in the Provine Hope Credit Union branch office. Scholars completing the academy will have the opportunity to seek or continue employment with Hope Credit Union as seasonal or full-time employees.