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    Forest Hill High School’s Mission Statement

    Through the shared responsibility of students, teachers, parents and community members, our mission is to enable all students to become competent, self-directed, lifelong learners so they can achieve their highest potential in today’s society. 

    What is the Freshman Academy?

    The ninth-grade year is a “make or break” time for many students. The ninth-grade experiences can determine whether students continue in high school studies with a Plan that will prepare them for college and careers, or will become disengaged with school and fail to prepare for their future. Despite the importance of this year for students, the failure rate in grade nine remains higher than the rate in any other grade level. Students are failing to connect high school studies to their future goals; and states, districts and Schools are failing to provide meaningful experiences to engage students in succeeding. Many ninth graders entered high school unprepared for rigorous studies. The Freshman Academy at Forest Hill High School is a transitional program designed to provide all incoming ninth graders a foundation for success in all aspects of high school. 

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Last Modified on May 9, 2022