Guidance Counselors


    Guidance counselors are the heart of the school because they seem to always bring calmness to any situation. Here at Blackburn Laboratory Middle School, Ms. D. Barnes and Dr. Morris work to build relationships with every student along with bridging the gap some may have with their peers and teachers.  They assist students to overcome problems that impede their learning experience and assist them in making educational, occupational, and life plans that will allow them to become productive global citizens.

    Providing counseling is an essential part of the services they offer because their aim is to lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity. In addition to providing assistance to students, the counselors work with teachers and other staff to familiarize them with the general range of services offered by the student personnel department to improved educational efforts on behalf of the teacher and student. Lastly, they take an active role in interpreting the school's objectives to students, parents, and the community.


    How Do I Contact the Guidance Counselors?

    Ms. Donna Barnes
    601.960.5329 - Ext. 5859

    Dr. Shontia Morris
    601.960.5329 - Ext. 5858