• Positive Behavior Specialist

    Who is the Positive Behavior Specialist?

    Mr. Joseph Robinson

    What is a Positive Behavior Specialist?

    The job of a Positive Behavior Specialist was established for the purposes of effecting positive behavioral change in students; providing supportive interventions to families and/or students; and complying with Federal, State, and District policies, regulations and/or procedures.

    What is the Positive Behavior Specialist's Job Description?

    • The Positive Behavior Specialist works side-by-side with teachers to assess students’ needs and to improve student behavior
    • Conducts functional behavior assessments in accordance with EES procedures
    • Develops and implement of Behavior Intervention Plans aligned with the Functional Behavior Assessment
    • Provides individual and/or group counseling to students with disabilities to meet the needs of the students as specified on the IEPs
    • Provide Social Skills training for exceptional education students as indicated on IEP
    • Conducts progress monitoring of implemented Behavior Intervention Plans
    • Provides staff development to teachers, parents, and staff regarding the implementation and documentation of the behavioral interventions
    • Collaborates with district Program Specialist to ensure behavioral goals on IEP are appropriately aligned with Behavior Intervention Plans
    • Participates in IEP meetings to revise IEPs to reflect the behavioral interventions as a result of the functional behavioral assessment
    • Conducts weekly review to the classrooms where interventions are being implemented to determine effectiveness of interventions (by observing students, consulting with teachers, reviewing documentation) and to revise them as needed
    • Supports the school administration with discipline related issues as it relates to special education students
    • Performs other related duties as requested or assigned

    How Do I Contact the Positive Behavioral Specialist?

    Mr. Joseph Robinson
    601.960.5329 or e-mail