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    READ!  READ!  READ!    Blackburn Laboratory Middle School Library Media Center


    Blackburn Library Media Center is the HEART of the school!


    Library Media Specialist

    Diedra Harris is the library media specialist at Blackburn Laboratory Middle School. You may contact her at (601) 960-5329 - extension 5864.




    "Libraries are where most of us really fall in love with books, where we can browse and choose on our own. It's really one of the first autonomous things we do, picking the books we want to read." ~ Kim Boykin



    Mission Statement

    The mission of Blackburn Laboratory Middle School Library Media Center is to ignite a passion for reading throughout the school, and ensure that all learners can access, process, and communicate information and ideas effectively.  




    The library media center is located on the first floor near the front or main entrance of the school.



    Hours of Operation

    The library media center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Extended library hours are available upon request. Please note that the library will be closed for special programs and events.



    New Online Card Catalog-Insignia

    Blackburn Laboratory Middle School new online card catalog allows the faculty, staff, and students the privilege of browsing the library's entire collection by using our new OPEC system, Insignia.  This new sytem is easy-to-operate and is visually enhance to make searches easy.  Additional search interfaces can also be found on this page as well, such as Magnolia, World Book and etc. 



    General Rules and Procedures



    Collection Summation

     Over 10,000 books (including Literature Circles, Classroom Sets, and eBooks)
    •  Over 25 periodicals, including 3 local newspapers
    •  A vast number of VHSs, DVDs, and CDs 
    •  4 iMac computers with wireless Internet accessibility 
    •  Online card catalog that allows staff and students access from their classrooms



    Collection Policy and Procedures




    Use the Library Daily!

    Use the Library Daily to Locate and Process Information!