Special Programs Applications & Enrollment

  • Special Programs Application Process

    JPS Special Programs Applications will be completed online. Application windows vary by program and will be timed to open and close accordingly. Be sure to select the appropriate application link in the right sidebar as it becomes available.

    Criteria for Enrollment

    These are the preferred criteria for special program schools for grades K-12. Seats will be filled with students who meet these criteria first. As additional seats are available, other students may be considered.

    •  Students must have an 80 or above in all subject areas.
    •  Students must have the equivalence of proficiency and above performance on local, state and/or national assessments.
    •  Students must not have had any suspensions or negative behavior in the year prior to application.
    •  Students must have a positive record of attendance.
    •  Students residing in the city of Jackson and of employees in the district who qualify for the special programs will have first priority.
    •  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    Required Documentation

    As part of the application process, depending on the grade level, program, and current school, the application may require documentation to be attached to the application in order for the application to be reviewed.  If you do not have the documentation needed, please contact your child's current school. If you have questions about any of the documents required, please contact the program school to which your child is applying.

    • Standardized test score reports for school year 2020-21 for students in grades 4-11.
    • Report cards for school year 2020-21 and the first term of 2021-2022 for applicants in grades 1-11 and for the first term for students in grades K-1.
    • STAR Reading and/or Math Diagnostic Reports for students currently enrolled in a JPS school in grades 1-10.
    • Recommendations from a school administrator, teacher or counselor, and community member.
    • Homeschool certificate from the Mississippi Department of Education.

    Students enrolled in a daycare or homeschool may submit progress reports or other documentation that can support the academic progress of the child.

    JPS Registration Requirements

    All students accepted into a JPS special program will be required to complete the Jackson Public School District Registration Requirements in order to be officially enrolled. All requirements for enrollment can be found on the Enrollment Services page. Please note there are annual transfer and enrollment requirements for all transfer students including in-district and out-of-district transfers.

    Students enrolling from a non-accredited private school or from a home school may be required to complete a District assessment. See JPS Board Policy JKH.

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Last Modified on February 15, 2022