• Jackson Public Schools offers Early College High School (ECHS) to eligible ninth grade students in partnership with Tougaloo College. The program operates as a small, independent high school program on the Tougaloo College campus. Students in the program will complete their Mississippi graduation requirements for high school while working on college coursework. Students may earn an associate's degree or up to two years of credits toward a bachelor's degree. The minimum expectation is that all graduates of the program meet SAT and ACT college readiness standards.

    JPS will enroll 42 ninth-grade students each year until the program has students in grades 9–12. To be considered, students must submit an application, fulfill admission criteria, and participate in an interview process. Final selection for admission will be conducted by an external agency.

    Early College High Schools include a variety of dual credit/dual enrollment course offerings.

    Mississippi State University's Research & Curriculum Unit has more information about Early College High Schools.

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Last Modified on November 30, 2018