• Partners In Education Programs Chart  

    Adopters & Specialty Partners

    The Adopt-a-School program offers opportunities for businesses and organizations and their employees to support and encourage a specific school. All activities in a partnership are based on mutual needs and the resources of the school and adopters. Becoming an adopter is a commitment of one year with a plan to be involved in several program areas such as student achievement, student incentives, teacher appreciation, character development, career exploration, school improvements and community services.

    P-16 Community Engagement Council

    P-16 stands for Pre-Kindergarten through higher education (or year 16 of education). P-16 Councils are community-based entities that unite a cross-section of the community from early care providers and community members with young children through parents and staff of local school districts to businesses, college representatives, and concerned citizens. The goal is to bring these forces together with the singular purpose of developing the best policy ideas that support the achievement and health of every student.

    P-16 Councils are NOT policy-making bodies and have no enforcement authority, but instead, serve as the public voice on what policies could be adopted and/or enforced to help improve education. P-16 Council members serve as liaisons to all facets of the community so that the best ideas can bubble up from within for tackling school’s most pressing challenges. At the same time, P-16 Councils are meant to relay information to the broader public. They should collect data from the local schools to help inform everyone about performance so that success can be celebrated and weaknesses can be addressed early on. The goal of P-16 Councils is not to dilute the authority of districts, but to broaden the pool of good ideas and innovative solutions and to engage communities in the process of supporting their children and schools. Countless studies have shown that the level of family and parent engagement in a child’s education is directly and positively correlated with a child’s achievement and success in school. P-16 Councils are yet another mechanism by which children in Mississippi can benefit from parent and community involvement. Email the Council at for additional information.

    Literacy & Mentoring Programs

    We have pursued partnerships that address literacy and lead to the academic growth of our students. Research shows that students who have a mentor are more likely to attend school, participate in clubs or on teams, graduate high school and enroll in college.

    • Book Buddies

    Recognition & Awards Programs

    Sponsorships for annual recognition and awards programs help us to recognize some of the dedicated organizations and institutions who partner with our schools, making a difference for our students and our future.

    • Highlight Awards
    • Teacher of the Quarter
    • Teacher, Administrator, Parent of the Year
Last Modified on January 8, 2020