Accelerated Reader

  • Accelerated Reading

    Our Accelerated Reading Program is underway! We encourage all of our scholars to try to reach and exceed their individual goals with 85% accuracy or higher on each test. Student's progress will be monitored weekly and those who meet their goals with 85% accuracy or higher will qualify for incentives at the end of the Nine Weeks period. Are you ready to take your test? Access the quiz at Renaissance Place Learning.

          How Can I Help My Child With A.R. at Home?

    • Students may read books from home or the public library, but A.R. tests can only be taken on a school computer during school hours.
    • If you want to check the level of an A.R. book, you can search for it using AR BookFind
    • Encourage your child to read at home for 20-30 minutes each night.
    • When they complete the book, ask them to retell the story to you.
    • Encourage them to take their time on their A.R. test when they return to school.
Last Modified on April 6, 2018