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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Biology Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Teacher Certifications: 7-12 Biology 7-12 Chemistry

Ms. S. Evans

Dear Parent(s) / Legal Guardian(s):

Please allow me to begin this letter by telling you that I am elated to have this opportunity to work with you and your child.  I will be teaching your child Year 3 Sciences at Northwest Jackson IB World Middle School. I am a certified teacher in Biology and Chemistry for grades seventh through twelfth. I have taught middle school science for twenty-three years, seventeen of which have been at Northwest.

I have implemented blending learning (i.e. a combination of face-to-face and independent technology-based instructions) in my in-person classroom for four years. However, I am still learning new applications. As with attempting anything new, I have tackled several new applications through trial and error. There is still room for mistakes to be made. Fortunately, these are natural factors of authentic teaching and learning. With integrity, perseverance, and patience; the students and I will be successful throughout this school year.

It is my goal to provide a healthy in-person classroom environment for your child throughout this school year. It is my intent to not only teach my students scientific content, but to also teach them how to learn with creativity, think critically, and communicate effectively. My overall intention is for my students to learn on a competitive level in my classes in order to enhance their mental, physical, social, and emotional beings.

Once the school year begins, I will send text messages to each eighth grade student’s current primary contacts that are posted in the district’s database to ensure that multiple lines of reliable two-way communication are open between caregivers and me. Once you receive the text message, please keep the SchoolStatus phone number for texting quick questions or concerns to me. For extensive communication, the best way to connect with me is to email me with your own email address through Canvas as your child's observer. Students may only email me through the Inbox feature in Canvas.

Your child may be successful in my class if he/she follows all in-person classroom, virtual classroom, PBIS, team, school, and district procedures and policies that are included or referenced in my orientation guide. I highly encourage you to access all of the avenues of communication included in my course syllabus and to be an integral part of your child’s learning experiences.

Best regards,

Ms. S. Evans

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