• Suicide Prevention Week

    The Healthcare and Laboratory Diagnostics Academy of Lanier High School observed Suicide Prevention Week September 10-16, 2017. In partnership with Marion Counseling Services, the school held activities to break the taboo among students of talking about suicide. Students learned key concepts of suicide prevention, how to recognize warning signs in their classmates and friends, and what to do to help a friend. By participating in workshops with Marion Counseling Services, students got to practice potentially lifesaving skills as they studied the stories of suicidal teens.
    Learn more by reading the Suicide Prevention Newsletter (PDF).


    Breast Cancer Awareness Week Newsletter

    Download a printable copy: Breast Cancer Awareness Newsletter with pictures.

    Lanier’s Health Academy Observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women. Breast cancer awareness is an effort to raise consciousness through education on symptoms and treatment of the disease. The Lanier High School Health Academy’s aim is to provide greater knowledge about the subject of breast cancer and to teach students and the community about the benefits of early detection, which is associated with higher long-term survival rates. Through education and awareness it may be possible to discover a permanent cure.

    Healthcare and Laboratory Diagnostics Academy


    . Interdisciplinary Units
    . Door Decorating Contest
    . 50 Shades of Pink Pep Rally
    . Wall of Remembrance (dedication wall)
    . Letter from a Survivor

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    Raising awareness through Interdisciplinary lessons. Teaching a unit across different curricular disciplines.

    LHS teachers explored a variety a ways to teach about breast cancer by combining information about breast cancer to their subject curriculum. Teachers and students did an awesome job teaching and learning about breast cancer as it relates to Government (Health laws and healthcare reform), Math (Linear equations using the pink ribbon, Choir (Flash mob), English (Narrative writing, citing strong textual evi-
    dence and determining a theme) Biology (Types of cells, identifying healthy and diseased cells in the body) Art (Graphic art and monochromatic painting of banners) P.E. (Physicalactivity to aid in the prevention of breast Cancer) and Band (learned the “Fight song” for the pep rally).

    And the Winner IS…………….

    Inspiration for my Door

    "My mother was a fighter. She got better, she came home and life went on."

    I knew something was wrong. The only thing I knew at the time was that my mother was going to the hospital. My brother made me go to school. When school was out that day, we went to the hospital. He didn’t say much. I asked what was wrong, but he only said, “Mama will tell you”. When I arrived at the hospital, my mom was sitting up in a chair, not in the hospital bed as I thought she would be. As I moved closer to her, I saw the bandages
    and flatness on her chest where I often laid my head. My mom had breast cancer and they had taken her breast away. I cried even more. It was a traumatic time for me. But "my mother was a fighter. She got better, she came home and life went on."

    Many years later after I had become a teacher. I got the call that the doctors had found a lump in my mother’s other breast. My mother underwent her second mastectomy and again it was a success. I no longer have my mother with me but each year when October rolls around I am reminded of her strength and courage. I don’t know if I could be that strong. Being a Science Instructor, I felt that my students needed to be educated on the
    causes, treatments and preventative measures that could affect their health, both females and males. I wanted them to understand what I didn’t when my mother went through this the first time. My students did a study of healthy breast tissue as opposed to cancerous tissue. They were instructed on how to take self-exams. They were educated on doing research on family medical history. We studied environmental factors that could cause not only breast cancer, but other cancers as well.
    Together we can make a difference.

    Door Decoration 1st place contest winner, Betty Hamberlin Davis


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    The Bulldog family shows its support to the families of those who have been touched by breast cancer, those who are still in the fight and for those who have earned their wings.

    Special thanks to the staff at the Lanier Teen Wellness Center for helping to educate our students and staff at the 50 Shades of Pink pep rally. The breast cancer war stickers, tattoos, candy and breast cancer exam flyers were a great addition to the event.

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    Lanier’s UMMC Teen Wellness Clinic

    The last home game of the season was celebrated by honoring breast cancer survivors in the community.They were given tours of the building by academy ambassadors to see the health academy activities, the teachers and staff decorated doors, and student art. Afterwards they were really given the royal treatment. All the events in the pep rally were done to commemorate and honor them. The choir sang, the band played and the crowds cheered. It was a very special occasion.

    “We always take opportunities to support the health academy and Lanier students in fun and educational ways.”

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    Photo: Student signs the wall in honor of her mother who recently had a mastectomy.

    Photo: Kate Fouquier: Director of the clinic, Koscher Jackson: Nurse Practitioner, Jitoria Jones: Education health professional, Jasymin Shepherd: Office Administrator.

    Not Pictured: Diane Mounger: Social Worker


    Dear Mrs. Wolfe,
    I am writing to express my gratitude to you for inviting me to participate in Lanier's Health Laboratory Academy observance of Breast Cancer Awareness. I am a survivor who is living with "wellness". Whenever I enter the doors of my alma mater a flood of memories greets me. This Friday was no different but it was greatly enhanced by what you,the faculty and Lanier students did to make my visit one of royalty. I was welcomed into the building by Mr. and Miss Lanier who also served as my escorts
    throughout the building. I was amazed to see how the topic of breast cancer has been addressed by the various disciplines of the school. The beautifully decorated doors went beyond mere decorations. They were powerful curricula lessons addressing awareness, causes, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer. There were also creative and poetic messages of encouragement to survivors. Bravo! Mrs. Wolfe you have helped us all understand that breast cancer is not an isolated disease and that there are ways
    within each discipline to address it.

    The royal visit did not end with the review of the doors. To my surprise and delight, the fun was just beginning! The majorettes performed; The band played; and the choir serenaded with songs of victory, determination, and celebration at a pep rally. After the rally, the students left to catch their respective buses. I gathered my things thinking that this was the conclusion. There was one more surprise! I was escorted to the clinic, greeted by the athletic team and other staff who aplauded me as a survivor. As I
    think about it I am near tears. I was touched by the love, kindness, and support. I will forever cherish the special time shared at my alma mater on October 27, 2017, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness and survivors.

    This was the Lanier that I remember-creative, inspiring, academically excellent, and always on the forefront of what matters most. Please let everyone know that I am truly grateful to each one of you for helping to make my afternoon with you a truly unforgettable and cherished experience. Blessings to all!

    Johnnie M. Maberry, Co-Director of Study of Modern Day Slavery Institute at Tougaloo
    Curator/Art Colony Director/Artist/Art Educator
    Tougaloo College

    Through the Eyes of A Survivor

    Photo: The Lanier football team, Academy Coach, and Wellness
    clinic Staff Welcome Ms. Maberry