• Passes:

    No passes are required for students before or after school. 

    During the school day, no students are allowed in the library without a printed pass from the teacher of your current block and students are required to sign in.  Please make sure the pass has the following information:

    Student Name              Date                 Time Sent                     Teacher’s Name         

    Passes are required during lunch.

    Seniors, who have early dismissal are welcome in the library during the last block without a pass, but he or she must sign in. 

    Students may enter the library before 8:25 without a pass. Students may not stay over after a period has ended. A pass from the current block teacher is required to continue working. 


    30/30 Minute Rule:

    We observe the 30 minute rule in the library (a school rule that says students must be in class during the first and last 30 minutes of each block) and students are not allowed in the library during those specified times.  



    No food is allowed in the library! 

    You may bring a drink, provided it has a screw-on lid.

    Copies and Printing:


    School related printed is free, but please be mindful of the number of documents. Proof all assignments for errors before printing. 

    Book Check Out:

    Students may check out a maximum of four books at a time for a period of two weeks. Special collection books may be checked out for shorter periods of time.  Books may be renewed once if no one has requested the book.  Fines are waived if the book is returned in acceptable condition. 

    Reference books may not be checked out.

    In order to serve a maximum number of patrons, we reserve the right to alter the check out and/or renewal time for books that are being used by multiple classes.

    Please remember that libraries are for borrowing and sharing.  Please don't check out a book and keep it for months.  


    Computer Usage:

     Computers and MacBooks should be used for educational purposes only. Students are expected to abide by the district policies stated in the Student Handbook. Failure to follow these policies will result in revocation of computer privileges. 



Last Modified on October 25, 2018