Graduation Pathways

Meet the Graduation Coach

  • Greeting from Shonda Henderson 

    Mrs. Shonda Henderson is the graduation coach and school counselor, a proven classroom teacher, a mentor, and an advocate for scholars.  She is a graduate of Humphrey County School District and Mississippi Valley State University.  She has an Education Specialist Degree in School Counseling from Mississippi College. 

    In her encounters with scholars, Mrs. Henderson shares the following quote by Leonardo Dicaprio: "Every next level of your life will demand a new version of you."  This statement, along with her passion to encourage scholars to reach their potential acaemically and socially, is what drives her to provide them with the services they need to meet graduation requirements. 


  •         Promotions/Classifications by

    Grade level                              Carnegie Units

    From 9th Grade to 10th Grade                                7    
    From 10th Grade to 11th Grade                             14 
    From 11th Grade to 12th Grade                             19 


  • Carneige Units

        -   MDE; miminal: English 1 & II, Algebra I, Biology I, Mississippi Studies, U S History, U S Government, Comprehensive Health, Technology Foundation/ICT/ 9th STEM/ Keybording/Computer Application

        -   MDE: additional units are based on selected pathway and electives


        -   SATP 2 - Contact school counselor, administration or board of Ed (JPSD) member if you have any issues.

        -   ASVAB  - Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery test your ability in a variety of subject on a functional comprehensional manner

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