JPS computer lab reservation
  • All CO East Computer Lab reservations are handled by an automated system.  JPS staff members who need to reserve the JPS Instructional Technology Computer Lab MUST use this system.

    Beginning February 1, 2017, no more lab reservations can be made using email.

    If you have questions about the calendar, or how to use the reservation form, you can call the Office of Instructional Technology at 601.960.8831.

    If a date or time you need is not available, you can call the office and talk to a staff member about the conflict. HOWEVER, the reservation MUST still be completed through the reservation system.

    You will receive an email confirming your registration request and another email when/if your reservation is accepted.  If there is a problem with your reservation, you will be contacted via your JPS email address.

    Click here to reserve the JPS CO East Computer lab.


Last Modified on March 5, 2024