Stellar Scholars

  • 30 Plus Club

    Membership criteria 

    • Any FHHS scholar who scores 30 or higher as an overall score or on a specific section of the ACT test
    • Any FHHS scholar who scores a 22 or higher on the CCR portion of the ACT test

    2016-2017 Inductees 

    • Sylvionna Horton
    • Martio Silas

    Outstanding Scholars  

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    Student of the Month, 2017-2018

    August, 2017

    • 9th: Kendarius Henton
    • 10th: Jordan Sumler
    • 11th: Brittany Bradley
    • 12th: Aniya Esters

    September, 2017

    • 9th: Emily Battle
    • 10th: Kyshawnna Bousley
    • 11th: Makenzie Brooks
    • 12th: Tommie Brent

    October, 2017

    • 9th: Amya Warden
    • 10th: Aaliyah Manuel
    • 11th: Mardarius Harper
    • 12th: Keonte Trotter

    November, 2017

    • 9th: Zavian Holmes
    • 10th: Edgardo Urbano
    • 11th: Casiah Watson
    • 12th: Darrell Rayford




Outstanding Educator

  • Outstanding Educators


    August: Mr. M. Carpenter, English

    September: Dr. J. Williams, Science

    October: Ms. S. Rankin, History

    November: Ms. R. Moore, Art


    Outstanding Staff


    August: Ms. Q. Horne, Office

    September: Ms. D. Flowers, Custodial

    October: Ms. L. Purnell, Attendance

    November: Mr. J. Williams, MDE Officer

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