• The Mississippi Reading Fair provides students in grades 4th grade through 12th grade the opportunity to share their favorite book through a story board display.  

    Student projects must be turned in on October 31. 

    Reading Fair Project Guidelines

    • Students in grades 4-12 may share their favorite fiction or non-fiction book. However, they may only share a non-fiction book in the Individual Category. 
    • The student(s) should be very knowledgable about the book's story elements and should have an active part in the construction of the display. 
    • Individual and group categories will be judged closely on whether the project shows work appropriate for the age level of the student(s).
    • Projects must be displayed on a tri-fold project board that is approximately 36" x 48". 
    • Identifying information (name of the student, teacher's name, grade level, school and district name) should be labeled on the back of the storyboard. If any identifying information is placed on the front of the storyboard, the project will be disqualified. 
    • Storyboards should be colorful and interesting. Models, shadowboxes, and illustrations that fit in the middle of the the display are allowed. The total project must fit onto the board. There cannot be any items protruding from the top or back of the board. 
    • Items on the board can be hand-written or typed. 


    Reading Fair Project Board Requirements (Fiction/Non-fiction Narrative): 

    • Title of the Book
    • Author
    • Publisher and Publication Date
    • Plot Summary
    • Main Characters
    • Setting
    • Conflict/Problem
    • Solution or Resolution


    Reading Fair Project Board Requirements (Informational Non-fiction Text)

    • Title of Book
    • Author
    • Publisher and Publication Date
    • Type of Informational Text: Discussion, Report, Explanatory, Opinion/Argument, Instructional 
    • Text Summary
    • Graphic Organizer to capture the main/central idea of the text
    • Student connections (text-to-self, text-to-text, and/or text-to world)
    • Author's Purpose (Explain, Persuade, Describe, Entertain, or Answer a Question)


    If you would like to see more detailed requirements, please visit http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/ESE/LM/reading-fair

Last Modified on October 21, 2016