• Library Media Center Permission Form

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Our library media center is a central resource for our school containing materials specially selected to meet the reading interests of our students.

    Please read this permission form together with your child, sign it and return it so your child can fully utilize the library facilities.  This represents an agreement between you, your child, and the school that you will be personally and financially responsible for any lost or damaged book

    We encourage our students to check out library books to extend and enrich their enjoyment of reading and enable them to learn research techniques.  It is, however, imperative that books be returned in good condition and on time.  All lost books must be paid for in full.  A fee of $2.00 will be charged for books that are damaged and can be repaired.  Students may not check out any other book until the charges are cleared from their account. 

    Together we can help your child develop a love of reading and responsible habits in the care of books. 

    Please sign below and return to your teacher as soon as possible to begin checking out your favorite titles.


    Ms. Nia Naylor 

    Raines Elementary Librarian


    This form must be signed before your child will be allowed to check out a book from the library.

    I give my student permission to check out books and will be responsible for any lost or damaged books.

    Student Name ___________________________________________________________________     

    Parent/Guardian Name____________________________________________________________


    Phone number ___________________________________________________________________   

    Email (optional) _________________________________________________________________

    Teacher_____________________________________________ Grade____________

Last Modified on January 22, 2018