• Overview

    Re-engaging in Education for All to Progress, also known as REAP, is a program designed for students who are considering dropping out of high school. REAP provides an alternative path to a high school diploma. 


    The mission of REAP is to provide academic opportunities to students who are overage, nontraditional, or at risk of dropping out to help them attain a high school diploma. Our mission aligns with the mission of the District. We are committed to excellence for all students while providing each student with a quality education in partnership with parents and the community.

    About REAP

    All students attending REAP must be currently enrolled in the Jackson Public School District and enrolled the semester prior to admission periods.  REAP's identification and admission process of potential students is based upon a DATA-driven process that addresses specified criteria.  After student's transcripts and assessment results are assessed, and if eligible, students will meet with REAP’s admission committee, with their parents present, to discuss interest and their academic path through the program.

    Students who attend the program have not been successful in the regular high school setting. The smaller classes (maximum of 15 students per class) allow teachers to provide individualized instruction. Four-by-four block scheduling allows students to complete more core courses in one year than allowed on the A/B block schedule. Also, the flexible scheduling options allow for more students to successfully complete their high school requirements and receive a high school diploma.

    If admitted, with regular attendance, active class participation, remediation and review, parental involvement, and good conduct, students will complete the program in two years or less with a high school diploma from their home school. REAP students will be eligible to participate in commencement exercises during their home school’s scheduled graduation.