District Programs

  • JPS Director of Army Instruction staff host several consolidated events that support the motto of JROTC.  The seven high school programs that make up the JPS Brigade participate in college trips, challenges (athletics, drill team and academic), recognition programs, community service projects and summer adventures.

    • College Opportunities - Explorations of higher educational opportunities ranging from visits to mini seminars to recruitment lectures.
    • Challenges - Drill Team, Academic, Atheltic to name a few against schools inside the district, the local regions, the state, nationally and internationally. 
    • Recognition Programs - Cadet of the Year competition & banquet, scholastic excellence, community and cadre awards night, pass and review
    • Community Service - Designed to teach young citizens to give back, appreciate the abundance they have and contribute to the future
    • Summer Adventures - Adventure and academic opportunities that last from six days to six weeks in varies locations around the state or this country.  All adventures are open to upcoming 10th through 12th graders.
      • JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) – Six-day Adventure leadership camp held in Camp Shelby, Mississippi
      • Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) at Mississippi State University – Five-day resident experience in Starkville, MS. This is a co-educational summer experience concentrating on the Engineering career field.
      • Institute of Health Careers (IHC) at William Carey University – Five-day resident experience in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The experience goal is to introduce Mississippians to Health Care career paths.  
      • Boys & Girls State – Five-day resident camp hosted by the American Legion and its auxiliary designed to educate high school students in the 11th grade on the basic operations of the government at the state level.
      • National Flight Academy (NFA) at Pensacola Naval Air Station - Six-day resident camp of advanced technology, flight simulators, and virtual reality games that ignite imagination and encourage learning.
      • Interdisciplinary Center for Nantoxcity (ICN) at Jackson State University - Thirty-day nonresident experience in Jackson, Mississippi. The experience goal is to introduce Mississippians to computational chemistry and STEM career paths.  
  • Contact Information

    JCLC - LTC (R ) Derrick Davis

    ICN - SAI of each school

    STEM @ MSU - COL ( R) Regal Perry

    IHC @ WC - LTC (R ) Rodney Parker

    Boys & Girl State - SAI of each school

    NFA @ Naval Air Station - SAI of each school 

    JET-A @ Hawkins Field - MAJ (R ) Robert Morton

    Additional information can be obtained from JPS District Director of Army Instruction - COL (R ) Fred Brown

  • Applications & Qualifications

    Upcoming 10th, 11th or 12th-grade active participant in the Jackson Public Schools JROTC Program.


    1. A current medical examination (Valid through August 1, 2024).
    2. School program Senior Army Instructor recommendation.
    3. Grade point average of no less than 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. (Waivers are recommended by school SAI and granted on a case-by-case basis.)
    4. A physical fitness level of 65 on JROTC cadet challenge evaluation and a 1-mile run in 9.5 minutes or less.
    5. Signed documents by parents/guardians: Application, Rules of Engagement, Photo Release, Waivers.
    6. Strong Character.
    7. Respect for authority, cadet leadership/ fellow students, cadre & adults
    8. COVID-19 guidance compliant



          LeaderSTATE /STEM at MSU : Application;   Packing List contact your school SAI/ AI for password.

          JCLC :  Application, Health, Water Safety, Non Sue clause, Property, In Processing,  Required/ Prohibited List    

     Boys State/Nation:  The University of Mississippi. Rising seniors will be allowed to attend this year.   The delegate application will become available on msboysstate.com website January 1st annually.//Application

          Girls State:   The University of Southern Mississippi. ONLY rising seniors will be allowed to attend this year.  The delegate application will become available on https://www.legion-aux.org/ala-girls-state website January 1st annually// Application 

          National Flight Academy at Pensacola Naval Air Station - http://www.nationalflightacademy.com , Packing List

          Institute of Health Careers at William Carey:  Photo, General information, Health Waiver

          JSU Nanotoxicity and Computational Chemistry /STEM: Application

          City of Jackson Aerospace and Aviation:  Application COVID test waiver


Last Modified on February 1, 2024